Note Worthy Releases: April 2012

April 29, 2012

Featured Indie's Of The Week

Bon Rose

The "Old" Adventures Of 

Hailey and Jared



Description : 

Hailey and her best friend Jared have gone on several exciting adventures. Originally separate short stories, I have put six of their fun but spooky stories together for this book. Each story has suspenseful adventures that always end with a twist!

Even though Hailey is a girl, you'd have to call her a tomboy as she loves adventures with her best friend Jared and has no problem getting in and out of spooky situations! She, Jared and her beloved bike Blue manage to keep their lives pretty exciting and sometimes they are not sure whether it's ghosts or just their imagination. You'll just have to decide which one it ends up being!

Bio provided by the author.

Born in Iowa, I grew up reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries. As a teen I did a rough draft of a short story but it wasn't until a few years ago that I finally took my time to sit down and re-write it, and then had it published as an e-short story called Old Jacob. I now have several short stories and one book with the first 6 stories which is called The "Old Adventures of Hailey and Jared". These stories were written with my grandchildren in mind and are based on some adventures from my childhood. I did write one story for adults "Dying to Write" as once I start a story it's hard to stop and it occurred to me that I could do a story about it. I have sold a few and of course would love to sell a bunch more but the feeling of accomplishment when I finished a story is satisfying enough.

Laurie Brown

Stand-up Guy



Stories of sex, drugs and violence are told by a guy who did it all – except rat on his friends. Nostalgic, blunt, touching and brutal, it’s a fast-paced journey into and out of the days and nights of a street level gangster. From jacking the pumps at the local Texaco to disappearing owing the mob money, this is a true story of twenty years on the streets of Brooklyn and Long Island selling drinks, women and drugs along the way.

The story is a fast drive that starts with recruitment by Tommy Toupee and speeds straight into the dark nights and early morning hours of hardcore gangster life. Experience what it was like to break a knee-cap, hustle a chick, hide out in Florida and wash prison laundry while trippin’ on acid. Twenty years on the streets with a guy who could never be made but dedicated himself nonetheless to being the best there was to be whether it was tending bar, selling women or dealing cocaine. Never giving up anybody, taking the heat and doing the time until a taste for coke and the need for money drove him to the edge and he had to disappear. Now all this former tough-guy gangster wants is to be make things right back home. It’s Long Island and Brooklyn at their seediest best compelling you into the alleys and apartments where it all went down. Grab yourself a Petrocelli suit, bolt down a ham steak at the Cadillac Diner and hang on for a quick hit of adventure New York City gangster style.

     Bio provided by the author:

I grew up in Monterey, California, a small beach town, and it never occured to me that one day I might meet and tell the story of a former mob-connected gangster straight off the streets of Brooklyn, New York. But that's exactly what happened.

April 22, 2012

Featured Indies of The Week

Wendy Altshuler

Nadia's Heart, Part One


Description :

When an amnesiac girl who thinks she has been born without a heart utters a prayer, she is met by a mysterious stranger from her forgotten past. Together they embark on a journey to recover her removed heart, but enter into battle with an Evil Voice on a rampage to remove the hearts of an entire generation of children. 


                                                                              Bio provided by the Author.

 Wendy Altshuler is an award-winning screenwriter who explores myth in new media.  With a degree in psychology and a Master of Arts from Columbia University, Altshuler documented the work of international choreographers and wrote and produced regional programming for three years. In 2001 she founded Arborgate Media to create projects that inspire, enrich and entertain through the media of film.  Altshuler writes fantasy novels and currently works in the art of stop motion animation. She is represented by a WGA-accredited agent.

David Ware Sr.

A True Thug Willsin



Welcome to the Pleasure Palace. A place where all of your fetishes can be fulfilled for a price. How much? Just your soul in hell.

A True Thug Willsin is a book that exposes the deceitful ways Satan manipulates through money, drugs and sex, his three most successful, Worldly weapons.

Willsin is the proprietor of a high-priced brothel, called the Pleasure Palace. The Pleasure Palace is a place where one can have all their fetishes fulfilled. But the price is steep. High-ranking City of Detroit officials, including the Mayor, have paid and will continue to do so—one way or another.

Willsin becomes the leader of a drug organization called the Young Hustlers Incorporated. The Young Hustlers take over the City of Detroit’s drugs trade. The City then put together a multi precinct task-force, committed to annihilating every ruthless, murderous member. This is easier said than done, when the leader turns out to be the son of Satan.

You can't win, when you deal in Sin, That is WILLSIN!


J.L. McCreedy

Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen



  The average ten-year-old girl seldom travels far from home. She doesn’t worry about being kidnapped by witches or imprisoned in medieval castles where children are ensnared to meet their unspeakable demise. She rarely gives thought to curses, potions and magic. She certainly isn’t concerned about risking life and limb to decipher ancient rites and lost treasures....

But Liberty Frye is about to discover that she is not just your average girl.

When a cryptic note from long-lost relatives arrives, the news it brings flips Libby’s small-town existence upside down. Soon, she finds herself lured to a foreign land where mystery, spells and the dark stuff of fairy tales await. It’s up to Libby to unravel the sinister plot that brought her there in the first place, but in so doing, she’ll uncover a shocking secret that will change her life forever ... if she survives the challenge.

Review : My daughter(15) wanted to read this book after the author sent me a free copy. It's really not my cup of tea, so I loaned her my Kindle and here is what she had to say about it.

Four out of Five Stars -

I loved it, couldn't put it down! I liked the innocence of the main character Libby.It is a very original story, fast paced and exciting. It was funny in some places that made me laugh out loud. The author created a magical and breathtaking world. I would love to see a sequel.




April 14, 2012

Your Featured Indie Authors This Week


Angelika Thorsdottir

A Sorrow Beyond Tears





 A Sorrow Beyond Tears, the second book in the "Angel Without A Soul" series by Angelika Thorsdottir.

How far would you go to save a 12 year old child?

On a trip out of state, Angelika Thorsdottir, the angel without a soul, witnesses a store robbery in which a woman is gunned down and the young girl with her is taken by the killers. She gives chase and is able to free the child from her abductors, only to lose the child again.

Days later and back home in Texas, Angelika discovers the same child hiding away in her home. They have barely begun to feel their way into this strange situation when the child reveals things that shock Angelika and her doctor. The child had been raped for years by her adoptive father and another man. One night, her mother unexpectedly returns home and walks in on the two men raping her daughter, and immediately attacks them. The mother is shot down before the child's eyes. With the help of the mother's younger sister, the child is able to escape during the fray.

They flee, seeking to disappear in New Orleans, but they are found, and a team of men is sent to get the girl back. That is the scene Angelika had walked into.

Only a day after the girl tells her story in confidence to Angelika's doctor, a group of armed men break in and steal the child away again. A handful of references the child had made lead Angelika to believe she had been kidnapped by a leading representative of a powerful European financial conglomerate, the second rapist present when the child's mother had been killed. He had taken the girl to protect himself, or to make her his personal sex toy, or both.

Angelika must decide to forget the girl and let the sadistic rapist keep her, or go after the girl, alone. Fearing what the man could do to the child if he is accused publicly, Angelika does not dare contact the authorities. And she will not involve her friends, knowing there is almost no chance of success. Against fearsome odds, Angelika invades the devil's stronghold in Budapest, Hungary, determined to free the child or die trying.

Even Angelika, the angel without a soul, should have known better.

Available only through 

Geoffrey Wakeling

Inside Evil





Ever wondered why the Scottish woods are so wild? Why it's dangerous to be out at night? Why, even on beautiful moonlit nights, it's safer to be nestled up beside a crackling fire? Roberta Arlington and the residents of Ridgewood are about to find out.

Roberta Arlington lives in Ridgewood, a small and sleepy town on the Scottish border, where she is completely content with her life. That is, until she stumbles upon a corpse at the local boarding school and finds that her world starts to unravel into chaos.

As questions begin to emerge as to just how the victim died, Roberta discovers herself caught in a world which she never knew existed. Like a shadow hanging behind Roberta’s own life, another world hovers in the background, waiting silently until trying to break through. Roberta soon discovers that she’ll have to find all the strength she has to survive the path laid before her.

Available through

Book bio provided by the author.

I started writing Inside Evil a few years ago after holidays in Scotland left me with a lasting memory of stunning landscapes and weather-beaten shores. My debut novel started off tamely enough, but before long the characters started leaping forth and twisting their stories into a web which I'd never seen coming. Now, whilst there is still the beautiful Scottish landscape appearing amongst Inside Evil's pages, there seems to be so much more which lurks behind the beautiful facade.

Len Du Randt

Son Of Perdition 




One man will rise from the ashes of chaos to restore order to the world. He will use his supernatural gifts to lead humankind into an era of peace and safety. This man will also usher in a time of terrible sorrows; unlike the world has ever seen before—or will again. His name is Victor Samael Yoshe, the Son of Perdition.

When millions of people vanish in the blink of an eye, Victor steps forward with the answer to everyone’s question: 'What happened?'

He unites the people of Earth by offering hope and guidance to the scared and confused survivors. Some time later he also secures a peace treaty in the Middle East and is subsequently hailed by all as the long-awaited Messiah.

Everything appears to be perfect, until a terrorist group disrupts the harmony and forces Victor to turn against everyone that stands in the way of peace. Those who do not accept Victor’s mark of protection are regarded as allies of the terrorist faction and punished with the maximum penalty allowed by law: Death.

The Son of Perdition is an end-times novel that dramatizes the rise and rule of the Antichrist. It depicts the last 7 years on Earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Available through
                                                                          Bio provided by the author.
Len du Randt is a 35-year-old husband and father of three. He lives in South Africa and started writing novels as a hobby while working night shifts in Call Centres. To date he has written 3 Novels: "The Son of Perdition", "The Incubus" and "The Succubus". He has also written a collection of short stories, and one of them, "Love and a .38" is available for Kindle download on

Son Of Perdition Teaser Trailer



April 8, 2012

This Weeks Featured Authors

Rachael H Dixon

Slippery Souls (Sun Ray Bay Series)


Libby has hit a bad patch in life, and just when she thinks things can’t get any worse she's killed in a car accident alongside her dog Rufus. During their transition to the afterlife’s Sunray Bay, Rufus somehow manages to absorb her soul – which, in turn, gives him human-like qualities and renders her soulless.

Accompanied by her now talking dog, Libby tries to unravel the mystery of her slippery soul, encountering many setbacks and dilemmas along the way. She has no idea why a group of monster slayers, headed by an ex-convict, are hunting her down, and when she teams up with rogue Peace & Order Maintenance Officer, Grim, she’s shocked to discover that there’s a mob of disgruntled vampires and a very angry mayor hot on their heels too.

Libby has never felt so unpopular, and begins to wonder whether it’s possible to die twice in one day...

* Suitable for readers 16+ 

Available through

Bio provided by the author.

Rachael H Dixon lives in the northeast of England with her husband Derek and their furry, four-legged son Marvin. She's been writing pretty much ever since she could hold, albeit strangely, a pen, and her favourite subjects are anything to do with horror and/or the paranormal. Her love for the macabre stems from reading James Herbert novels and late nights spent watching black and white Vincent Price films as a young child.
She has a degree in Graphic Design, and when she's not busy writing and reading she enjoys drawing and painting. And, as with lots of other creative types, she loves a glass of red wine now and then.

Amanda Brenner

Tainted Legacy (Sid Langdon)


Sid Langdon, a newly licensed private investigator who wonders how he is going to pay his rent, gets his first case—complete with a corpse and a million dollars in missing jewels. And he is tapped to find the answers by the very man who may be responsible for both! So who done it? Sid wades through a sordid quagmire of blackmail, adultery and betrayal to find the answers—and let the chips fall where they may! It’s Sid’s first case—it might well be his last!

Available through

Bio provided by the author.  

Amanda Brenner is a native Midwesterner who has spent her adult life in the business world. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, occasionally venturing into Canada and Nova Scotia. Her initial interest in writing started at an early age when westerns were the most popular attractions at the local theater. It seemed only natural that her first novel, Trail of Vengeance, should be in the western genre. In the course of plotting and fleshing out this work she lived at the library, scouring dozens of books for authentic details of life on the frontier in the 1880s. After finishing a second western, Shadow of the Rope, she began to explore a new direction and completed three contemporary mysteries involving a private investigator she created, the latest being The Mystery of the Nourdon Blue.

Randy Morris

Jehovah and Hades


The brothers, Jehovah and Hades, have always been at the top of their game as a high IQ computer hacker from M.I.T. and an unkillable assassin. When they're contacted by Rick to free a people oppressed by a dictator, both jump at the chance. Once they reach the Philippines, however, they realize that their limited resources and constant attacks sent from an unknown source severely limit their abilities. To make matters worse, the mayor has his own personal army that seems to anticipate their actions. Will they be able to rely solely on their brains and brawn to get the job done?

Jehovah and Hades also includes an introduction for its prequel: The Journals of Jacob and Hyde. 

Available through

Bio provided by the author.

I'm Randy Morris. I was born very close to Death Valley in California, but I grew up in Seattle, WA. I've loved reading and writing since I was a little kid and it's what helped me choose to pursue a bachelors degree in history. I've worked for Best Buy / Geek Squad for the past five years. I served as a missionary for two years in the Philippines and I speak Tagalog fluently. I love to travel and I tend to incorporate places that I've been and experiences that I've had into my writing.

April 1, 2012

Your Featured Authors This Week.

Damien Darby

 A Fun Interactive Psychological Adventure



Believe it or not a gentle young man who'd just gotten out of a state psychiatric hospital in Oregon showed me this when I was twelve or thirteen. I don't know where he first learned it but I'll never forget. In fact, the impression it left and the things I discovered will stay with me to the end of my days. Everyone I've shown it to loved it so how could I resist sharing it with you?

I jam packed this eBook with fun, interactive, and psychological content that is meant to inspire, enrich, and enthuse. I know beyond the shadow of doubt that you'll feel invigorated, thankful, and fortunate to have bumped into it. Enjoy!

Available through

Bio provided by the author.

Damien Darby is an enthusiastic and infectious ebook author, a driven personal trainer, and web content provider. He composes regularly on subjects ranging from travel, current events, to health and exercise. His twelve ebooks so far fall in varying genres from Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, to politically driven novels, spiritual adventures, and techno-thrillers. When he isn’t on his backside profusely composing, you’ll find him working out, hiking, jogging every day, and road tripping in the summers.

Patricia Hunter

Our Master, Caesar

Description :

 A fast-paced novel about GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR, and the people who shared his extraordinary life - Cicero the orator; General Pompey, unwilling to tolerate a rival; crafty Cassius; Servilia, the mother of Brutus; and Cleopatra, prepared to barter her body for the throne of Egypt. 

You can find photos and art on Patricia's Caesar website :
 Available through

Linda David

Firestone Crystal


Agathea Fulstropp is looking forward to a luxury break in the Caribbean with her parents, but is livid when they announce that the trip has to be cancelled due to work commitments!  So instead of spending six weeks sunning herself on a tropical beach, Thea - as she insists on being called - finds herself unceremoniously packed up, and sent off to stay with a grandfather she barely knows for the entire summer! 

But it turns out to be the best summer of her life when her grandfather has a strange reunion with a mysterious childhood friend, and she is given the opportunity of a lifetime.

To visit a world beyond the stars, and become Earth's first student to be enrolled in an experimental Inter-Planetary Education Programme at the Firestone Academy, where lessons in telepathy, mind-reading and astral projection are the norm.

Things, however, are not as straightforward as they seem.  One of her fellow students makes no secret of the fact that he despises her, and will stop at nothing to make her leave…she is having increasingly disturbing, vivid dreams…and just who is that hideously deformed cave creature, and more to the point, what does it want with her?

Available through 

Bio provided by the author.

Linda David is a single mother of two and currently works as a college lecturer in Childcare. She was born in Cyprus in 1967 to parents who both hail from the Caribbean island of Nevis. Much of her childhood was spent moving from place to place as her father was in the RAF (Royal Air Force), so although she was raised mainly in England, she also lived in Germany as well as St Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. She has always enjoyed reading and was encouraged to do so from a very early age, and that is partly what inspired her to write. Even today she can remember the excitement and wonder she used to experience as a child when reading fantasy and adventure stories, so she hopes that through her own writing, she will be able to inspire and encourage other children's interest and pleasure in reading as well.

You can visit her at: