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April 1, 2012

Your Featured Authors This Week.

Damien Darby

 A Fun Interactive Psychological Adventure



Believe it or not a gentle young man who'd just gotten out of a state psychiatric hospital in Oregon showed me this when I was twelve or thirteen. I don't know where he first learned it but I'll never forget. In fact, the impression it left and the things I discovered will stay with me to the end of my days. Everyone I've shown it to loved it so how could I resist sharing it with you?

I jam packed this eBook with fun, interactive, and psychological content that is meant to inspire, enrich, and enthuse. I know beyond the shadow of doubt that you'll feel invigorated, thankful, and fortunate to have bumped into it. Enjoy!

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Bio provided by the author.

Damien Darby is an enthusiastic and infectious ebook author, a driven personal trainer, and web content provider. He composes regularly on subjects ranging from travel, current events, to health and exercise. His twelve ebooks so far fall in varying genres from Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, to politically driven novels, spiritual adventures, and techno-thrillers. When he isn’t on his backside profusely composing, you’ll find him working out, hiking, jogging every day, and road tripping in the summers.

Patricia Hunter

Our Master, Caesar

Description :

 A fast-paced novel about GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR, and the people who shared his extraordinary life - Cicero the orator; General Pompey, unwilling to tolerate a rival; crafty Cassius; Servilia, the mother of Brutus; and Cleopatra, prepared to barter her body for the throne of Egypt. 

You can find photos and art on Patricia's Caesar website :
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Linda David

Firestone Crystal


Agathea Fulstropp is looking forward to a luxury break in the Caribbean with her parents, but is livid when they announce that the trip has to be cancelled due to work commitments!  So instead of spending six weeks sunning herself on a tropical beach, Thea - as she insists on being called - finds herself unceremoniously packed up, and sent off to stay with a grandfather she barely knows for the entire summer! 

But it turns out to be the best summer of her life when her grandfather has a strange reunion with a mysterious childhood friend, and she is given the opportunity of a lifetime.

To visit a world beyond the stars, and become Earth's first student to be enrolled in an experimental Inter-Planetary Education Programme at the Firestone Academy, where lessons in telepathy, mind-reading and astral projection are the norm.

Things, however, are not as straightforward as they seem.  One of her fellow students makes no secret of the fact that he despises her, and will stop at nothing to make her leave…she is having increasingly disturbing, vivid dreams…and just who is that hideously deformed cave creature, and more to the point, what does it want with her?

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Bio provided by the author.

Linda David is a single mother of two and currently works as a college lecturer in Childcare. She was born in Cyprus in 1967 to parents who both hail from the Caribbean island of Nevis. Much of her childhood was spent moving from place to place as her father was in the RAF (Royal Air Force), so although she was raised mainly in England, she also lived in Germany as well as St Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. She has always enjoyed reading and was encouraged to do so from a very early age, and that is partly what inspired her to write. Even today she can remember the excitement and wonder she used to experience as a child when reading fantasy and adventure stories, so she hopes that through her own writing, she will be able to inspire and encourage other children's interest and pleasure in reading as well.

You can visit her at:

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