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June 13, 2012

This Weeks Featured Indies Will Take You on a Thrill Ride You Wont Forget



R.S. Payne

Wulfwaru and the Hag Child

Wulfwaru and the Hag Child is the second of a fantasy trilogy set on the Island of the Mighty – an alternative Britain where the Roman invasion failed, and Old Gods still influence events.

It all begins with an untimely death, as things often do in an uncertain world of Gods, monsters and men. Dark forces seek to use the Hag Child’s power to bring about a new age of fire and blood. The fate of the Island of the Mighty hangs in the balance once again, and all the omens are bad.

Sister Wulfwaru of the House of the One Goddess at Escafeld soon finds herself involved in a dangerous game, guided by a Silver Branch anruth who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gwythyr Cenedr swore a sacred oath to protect her, but can he protect himself?


Rebecca Siân Pyne lives in rural Ceredigion (where the only traffic jams are sheep) and shares a two hundred year old Mine Captain’s cottage with three dogs and a cat. The countryside and rich folklore traditions of West Wales are a constant inspiration and Wulfwaru and the Hag Child draws on Celtic legend and history.Born in Congleton, Cheshire, she was educated in South Yorkshire, before a BSc in Geological Oceanography at Bangor University (1991-1994) and an MSc in Micropalaeontology (Aberystwyth University, 1994-95). After nine months as a research assistant at the Geologisches Institut, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland, R. S. Pyne returnedto the UK to begin a Micropalaeontology PhD at the University of Aberystwyth (1996-99,awarded 2002). After employment as a museum curator and natural history gallery assistant at Sheffield City Museum and a scientific recruitment consultant, she spent two years as a Research Technician at Cardiff University’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

She has been writing for ten years and is a member of The Fictioneers, a writer’s organization promoting speculative fiction. Working in the fantasy, horror, historical and science fiction genres, 60 short stories have appeared in print and electronic publications. Credits include:Albedo One, Aurora Wolf, Bards & Sages Quarterly, Dark Dispatches, Lisette’s Tales of the imagination, Medieval Nightmares, A-Z Cities of Death, Lacuna, Neo-opsis, Undead of Winterand others. Stories are in press with Bête Noire and Weird Tales.Wulfwaru and the Hag Child is the second in the Island of the Mighty trilogy. The first The Sword of the Horse Chieftain was published on Amazon Kindle in December 2011. In addition to two novels, R. S. Pyne’s catalogue includes four novelettes and fourteen short stories and story collections. You can visit her Amazon Author page  to find more of her works.

don't forget to follow her on twitter @DrPyne

Micheal Meyer

Covert Dreams

Life is good for B.J. He has a great job and a loving wife. But all of a sudden he begins experiencing a series of lifelike nightmares, where he knows intimate details of Munich, a city in which he has never been. He can speak German in his dream, a language he does not know. Everybody thinks he is losing it. Is he going crazy? To save himself, he knows that he has but one option: he must go to Munich to uncover the truth behind his dreams.

Stan Halsey, a professor in Saudi Arabia, sends for his wife to join him, but she suddenly disappears soon after her arrival, along with every trace of her very existence. There is absolutely nothing, not one single detail in any records anywhere, to prove that she is indeed a living person and that her spouse is not crazy for thinking so. Both the American government officials and the Saudi Arabian authorities insist that she does not exist. Stan Halsey, all alone in his quest, must act fast before he is forced out of the country.

What is real, and what is not? Who is really who, and why? The mounting suspense moves from Munich, to London, to Rome, and to the burning sands of Saudi Arabia with a horrifying swiftness.



I have resided in and have visited many places in the world, all of which have contributed in some way to my own published writing. I have literally traveled throughout the world, on numerous occasions. I have lived in Finland, Germany,Thailand, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Saudi Arabia, where COVERT DREAMS is set.I gained the wanderlust to see the world, to experience other cultures, at an early age,and this desire has never left me. If anything, it has only gained in intensity as I have aged. I try to travel internationally at least once a year. In the interim, I spend lots of time traveling around both my home state of California and other nearby states.I spent my early years in the small town of Lone Pine, California, the home of almost every western movie, in addition to a wide variety of other genres, made in the30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. In fact, Hollywood still films parts of big-time movies there today. My dad, the town’s lifeguard at the time, personally knew John Wayne, Lloyd Bridges, and Lee Marvin, all of whom came to the town’s pool, the Memorial Plunge, at times to cool off after a hectic day of working in the sun. I was even an extra in a movie filmed there in 1957, MONOLITH MONSTERS, a B-cult favorite even today. I was ten years old at the time. Even though I resided in a small town hours from the big city, I was exposed to the excitement of action and heroes at a formative age, and, thus, my interest in writing novels of suspense such as COVERT DREAMS was born. As a recent retiree from a forty-year career as a professor of writing, I now live in Southern California wine country with my wife, Kitty, and our two other cats.

April 14, 2012

Your Featured Indie Authors This Week


Angelika Thorsdottir

A Sorrow Beyond Tears





 A Sorrow Beyond Tears, the second book in the "Angel Without A Soul" series by Angelika Thorsdottir.

How far would you go to save a 12 year old child?

On a trip out of state, Angelika Thorsdottir, the angel without a soul, witnesses a store robbery in which a woman is gunned down and the young girl with her is taken by the killers. She gives chase and is able to free the child from her abductors, only to lose the child again.

Days later and back home in Texas, Angelika discovers the same child hiding away in her home. They have barely begun to feel their way into this strange situation when the child reveals things that shock Angelika and her doctor. The child had been raped for years by her adoptive father and another man. One night, her mother unexpectedly returns home and walks in on the two men raping her daughter, and immediately attacks them. The mother is shot down before the child's eyes. With the help of the mother's younger sister, the child is able to escape during the fray.

They flee, seeking to disappear in New Orleans, but they are found, and a team of men is sent to get the girl back. That is the scene Angelika had walked into.

Only a day after the girl tells her story in confidence to Angelika's doctor, a group of armed men break in and steal the child away again. A handful of references the child had made lead Angelika to believe she had been kidnapped by a leading representative of a powerful European financial conglomerate, the second rapist present when the child's mother had been killed. He had taken the girl to protect himself, or to make her his personal sex toy, or both.

Angelika must decide to forget the girl and let the sadistic rapist keep her, or go after the girl, alone. Fearing what the man could do to the child if he is accused publicly, Angelika does not dare contact the authorities. And she will not involve her friends, knowing there is almost no chance of success. Against fearsome odds, Angelika invades the devil's stronghold in Budapest, Hungary, determined to free the child or die trying.

Even Angelika, the angel without a soul, should have known better.

Available only through 

Geoffrey Wakeling

Inside Evil





Ever wondered why the Scottish woods are so wild? Why it's dangerous to be out at night? Why, even on beautiful moonlit nights, it's safer to be nestled up beside a crackling fire? Roberta Arlington and the residents of Ridgewood are about to find out.

Roberta Arlington lives in Ridgewood, a small and sleepy town on the Scottish border, where she is completely content with her life. That is, until she stumbles upon a corpse at the local boarding school and finds that her world starts to unravel into chaos.

As questions begin to emerge as to just how the victim died, Roberta discovers herself caught in a world which she never knew existed. Like a shadow hanging behind Roberta’s own life, another world hovers in the background, waiting silently until trying to break through. Roberta soon discovers that she’ll have to find all the strength she has to survive the path laid before her.

Available through

Book bio provided by the author.

I started writing Inside Evil a few years ago after holidays in Scotland left me with a lasting memory of stunning landscapes and weather-beaten shores. My debut novel started off tamely enough, but before long the characters started leaping forth and twisting their stories into a web which I'd never seen coming. Now, whilst there is still the beautiful Scottish landscape appearing amongst Inside Evil's pages, there seems to be so much more which lurks behind the beautiful facade.

Len Du Randt

Son Of Perdition 




One man will rise from the ashes of chaos to restore order to the world. He will use his supernatural gifts to lead humankind into an era of peace and safety. This man will also usher in a time of terrible sorrows; unlike the world has ever seen before—or will again. His name is Victor Samael Yoshe, the Son of Perdition.

When millions of people vanish in the blink of an eye, Victor steps forward with the answer to everyone’s question: 'What happened?'

He unites the people of Earth by offering hope and guidance to the scared and confused survivors. Some time later he also secures a peace treaty in the Middle East and is subsequently hailed by all as the long-awaited Messiah.

Everything appears to be perfect, until a terrorist group disrupts the harmony and forces Victor to turn against everyone that stands in the way of peace. Those who do not accept Victor’s mark of protection are regarded as allies of the terrorist faction and punished with the maximum penalty allowed by law: Death.

The Son of Perdition is an end-times novel that dramatizes the rise and rule of the Antichrist. It depicts the last 7 years on Earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Available through
                                                                          Bio provided by the author.
Len du Randt is a 35-year-old husband and father of three. He lives in South Africa and started writing novels as a hobby while working night shifts in Call Centres. To date he has written 3 Novels: "The Son of Perdition", "The Incubus" and "The Succubus". He has also written a collection of short stories, and one of them, "Love and a .38" is available for Kindle download on

Son Of Perdition Teaser Trailer



April 8, 2012

This Weeks Featured Authors

Rachael H Dixon

Slippery Souls (Sun Ray Bay Series)


Libby has hit a bad patch in life, and just when she thinks things can’t get any worse she's killed in a car accident alongside her dog Rufus. During their transition to the afterlife’s Sunray Bay, Rufus somehow manages to absorb her soul – which, in turn, gives him human-like qualities and renders her soulless.

Accompanied by her now talking dog, Libby tries to unravel the mystery of her slippery soul, encountering many setbacks and dilemmas along the way. She has no idea why a group of monster slayers, headed by an ex-convict, are hunting her down, and when she teams up with rogue Peace & Order Maintenance Officer, Grim, she’s shocked to discover that there’s a mob of disgruntled vampires and a very angry mayor hot on their heels too.

Libby has never felt so unpopular, and begins to wonder whether it’s possible to die twice in one day...

* Suitable for readers 16+ 

Available through

Bio provided by the author.

Rachael H Dixon lives in the northeast of England with her husband Derek and their furry, four-legged son Marvin. She's been writing pretty much ever since she could hold, albeit strangely, a pen, and her favourite subjects are anything to do with horror and/or the paranormal. Her love for the macabre stems from reading James Herbert novels and late nights spent watching black and white Vincent Price films as a young child.
She has a degree in Graphic Design, and when she's not busy writing and reading she enjoys drawing and painting. And, as with lots of other creative types, she loves a glass of red wine now and then.

Amanda Brenner

Tainted Legacy (Sid Langdon)


Sid Langdon, a newly licensed private investigator who wonders how he is going to pay his rent, gets his first case—complete with a corpse and a million dollars in missing jewels. And he is tapped to find the answers by the very man who may be responsible for both! So who done it? Sid wades through a sordid quagmire of blackmail, adultery and betrayal to find the answers—and let the chips fall where they may! It’s Sid’s first case—it might well be his last!

Available through

Bio provided by the author.  

Amanda Brenner is a native Midwesterner who has spent her adult life in the business world. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, occasionally venturing into Canada and Nova Scotia. Her initial interest in writing started at an early age when westerns were the most popular attractions at the local theater. It seemed only natural that her first novel, Trail of Vengeance, should be in the western genre. In the course of plotting and fleshing out this work she lived at the library, scouring dozens of books for authentic details of life on the frontier in the 1880s. After finishing a second western, Shadow of the Rope, she began to explore a new direction and completed three contemporary mysteries involving a private investigator she created, the latest being The Mystery of the Nourdon Blue.

Randy Morris

Jehovah and Hades


The brothers, Jehovah and Hades, have always been at the top of their game as a high IQ computer hacker from M.I.T. and an unkillable assassin. When they're contacted by Rick to free a people oppressed by a dictator, both jump at the chance. Once they reach the Philippines, however, they realize that their limited resources and constant attacks sent from an unknown source severely limit their abilities. To make matters worse, the mayor has his own personal army that seems to anticipate their actions. Will they be able to rely solely on their brains and brawn to get the job done?

Jehovah and Hades also includes an introduction for its prequel: The Journals of Jacob and Hyde. 

Available through

Bio provided by the author.

I'm Randy Morris. I was born very close to Death Valley in California, but I grew up in Seattle, WA. I've loved reading and writing since I was a little kid and it's what helped me choose to pursue a bachelors degree in history. I've worked for Best Buy / Geek Squad for the past five years. I served as a missionary for two years in the Philippines and I speak Tagalog fluently. I love to travel and I tend to incorporate places that I've been and experiences that I've had into my writing.

March 29, 2012

Featured Authors This week

Jess Mountifield

With Proud Humility


Marie's mother died protecting something, but what? Determined to find answers, Marie is prepared to go to any length to locate her mother’s legacy, even to pursue the man responsible for her death - Black Vane. No price is too dear to Marie, who gambles everything on a marriage of convenience to a ship's captain she knows she can’t trust, but who may be one ally she needs.

This is a historic story of romance and adventure, set on the Caribbean seas of the early 1800's, a tale of betrayal and sacrifice in pursuit of an unknown goal.

This is a clean novel of approx 85,000 words long. 
 Available at

Bio provided by the Author.

Jess was born in the quaint village of Woodbridge, has spent some of her childhood in the States and now resides in the beautiful Roman city of Bath. She lives with her husband Phil and her very dapsy cat, Pleaides. Jess can often be found either in a cafe, grinning behind a large mug of hot chocolate, at her desk, getting annoyed with her cat for sitting on her keyboard, or on her comfy corner sofa with friends, enjoying her high definition tv and surround sound system.

William Amerman

Aries At Dawn



“It was either promote you or fire you,” Jeff’s boss explained. His smile arched wide beneath a sawed-off mustache. His hands twitched on the desk as if longing, aching for violence. Jeff sat across from him, straight in his chair, glad for the physical space between them. This was not your normal boss/employee relationship.

For the past two years, Jeff's life has been a test of endurance. He was a part-time supervisor for Unified Shipping, balancing one simple, relentless equation—-productivity. But his numbers are hopeless. His best employee is trying to sleep with the most vocal feminist on the team. His boss considers it good sport to threaten him daily in at least two different languages. His fiancée seems to be rethinking the marriage thing.

Then fate strikes. A horrific accident scatters debris hundreds of yards across a rain-slicked highway and Jeff is promoted to handle the fallout. He seizes the chance like the only rope out of hell. But there’s a catch to this wonderful promotion. A catch that has the potential to destroy the rest of his life, leaving him with one inevitable decision. And then people start dying. 
Available at

Bio provided by the Author.

William Amerman was born in Houston, Texas and obtained his Bachelors degree in English from The University of Texas - Austin, way back in the last century. He lived in Austin for eight years, then moved to Denver, Colorado to explore the whole "mountain man" lifestyle. In Denver he met a cute Dutch girl on a ski slope, whom he quickly wooed and followed back to her native country, The Netherlands. He married the cute Dutch girl in 1999 and they spent the next 7 years raising two sons and a sadly over-weight hound in a suburb of Amsterdam before moving back to the US in 2003. Their third son was born in 2005.

He received his MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University in 2009 and currently holds a "real" job in Information Technology in order to feed his three sons, but manages to write in the mornings and on weekends. His latest efforts are directed towards finishing a futuristic thriller trilogy based on a simple idea he had one late Saturday morning lying in bed, looking at the sky through a skylight window in the roof; proving that getting up early can be a hazard to creative thinking!

Contact information via email is: wamerman@gmail.comFeel free to contact him to discuss any of his works, writing in general, and especially with offers of pints of Guinness.

Greg Walker

The Way It Is